Wendy Cohen is a Sydney based artist who is a graduate of the National Art School, Sydney, Australia attaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015 and a Master of Fine Arts in 2017.  Her art practice focuses on the relationship of colour, shape, line and form with realistic components that are communicated in a painterly abstracted language.

By integrating shapes into a cohesive body of colours, lines and forms in conjunction with collage elements, flowing ideas are manifested that bring attention to the surface and materiality of the contents of each painting.  However, the primal focus of her practice is to transform the static space of a painting with synchronized contrasting colours, highlighting its chemistry and resonance.  Wendy interprets colour with the sounds of the soul as being the transcendental essence of music to give her paintings a vibrant expression that captures the beauty of creation as well as her cultural influences.

In her textured mixed media paintings, Wendy collages elements of hessian, cardboard, photos, paper and recycled materials that are brought back to life with a sense of playfulness and vibrancy.   Observation, intuition and imagination are key to her process as she responds to the magnificence of the interconnectedness of the world.  But most importantly, she welcomes the viewer to participate in the mystery and wonderment of her work that she creatively translates onto the canvas with a synocpated beat and rhythm.